Voice Commands

Cruzr can be controlled (to a certain extent) by using voice-commands.

Cruzr will listen to pre-programmed voice commands after the wakeword OK Cruzr has been understood. Stand in front of the robot for the best results.

If the setting Rotate the robot when wake-word is recognized is enabled, the robot will even turn to the source of the sound.


The following speech-related settings can be found in the advanced-section of the Settings of the kiosk.

  1. Listen to voice-commands

  2. Rotate the robot when wake-word is recognized


The microphone at the bottom of the home-screen on the tablet can also be used as an indicator to see if Cruzr is listening.

Not listening



Prerequisites for the voice commands

Not all voice commands can be used all of the time, the following conditions must be set in order to use (some) voice-commands.

  • Settings of the robot

The setting 'Spoken commands' in the general settings needs to be turned ON before the robot will respond to the wakeword "OK James" and start listening.

If the option 'Spoken commands' is off, the option 'Rotate the robot when wake-word is recognized' will be greyed out and unable to be changed.
  • Internet

Certain features require an active internet-connection to retrieve the latest data and to keep up-to-date (e.g. Weather, Verklizan or installed apps).

  • VoIP

In addition to having a connection to the internet, a stable connection is needed to make calls using VoIP-services (the minimum bandwidth needed for a VoIP-call is between 85 and 100 kbps). The section VoIP / SIP in the settings has been created to enter the account-information needed to call the Verklizan help center (or any other VoIP-service). A SIP-account needs to be registered at Verklizan before any VoIP-calls to their help-center can be made.

Voice Commands

The following is (an extract of) the list of voice-commands.

Command Actions taken by the robot

Call help

Triggers an alarm at Verklizan. (1) (2)

I need/want help

What is the date of today

What is the date (today)

The robot states the date according to location specifications.

What year is it?

The robot states the current year.

What’s the day?

Which day are we today?

The robot states the day of the week (e.g. Monday).

What time is it?

How late is it?

The robot states the time in an hour + minutes format (e.g. 8:05).


The robot states a self-introduction.


The robot says goodbye.

Introduce yourself

Who are you

The robot introduces itself

What will the weather be like this morning / afternoon / evening?

The robot states the weather forecast for the specified time of day.

What is the weather for today

What is the weather forecast for today

The robot states the weather forecast for the day.

What will the weather be like (the day after) tomorrow

The robot states the weather forecast for the specified date.

Go to <Point-Of-Interest>

The robot will move to the registered POI (3).

Enable/disable offer more help feature

The robot will (no longer) state the message ‘Can I help you with something else’.

(1): This option is only available for robots where this option has been installed and configured.

(2): Confirmation is required before the alarm will be triggered and is only available if a valid SIP- and VoIP is configured in the settings of James. #

(3): The correct map needs to be loaded on the robot.

Advanced features

Cruzr also features the following additional settings:

  1. Turn to the source of the voice

    • Cruzr will turn to the direction of the voice if the wake-word has been understood and the option ‘Rotate the robot when wake-word is recognized’ is enabled.

  2. Display the command in the kiosk

    • If the kiosk-app (home screen) is active, the recognized command will be displayed on the tablet.

  3. Start an activity when no input has been detected

    • Cruzr can start an activity (composition, moving to charging station, …​) if no input has been detected by the user for some time. This action can then be stopped by any user-interaction (speech, tapping the tablet, …​)