Getting started

This section describes how to start using your Cruzr robot.

Please keep the original box in case the robot ever needs to be shipped.

Package contents

cruzr front
cruzr charging station
cruzr charger


Cruzr robot

Front view

cruzr front numbered
  1. Microphone Array

  2. Hi-Res Camera (13 megapixels)

  3. HD Touchscreen

  4. TOF Sensor (only on models with serial number above XXX)

  5. Speaker (tablet)

  6. E-skin

  7. Indicator Light

  8. Ultrasonic Sensor

  9. RGBD camera

  10. Laser Radar

  11. Speaker (lidar)

  12. Ultrasonic sensor

  13. Hub Motor

Side view

cruzr side numbered
  1. E-skin

  2. Automatic docking and recharging

  3. Speaker

Back View

cruzr back numbered
  1. Microphone Array

  2. Emergency Stop Button

  3. On/Off Button

  4. Debugger Interface

  5. Laser Radar

  6. Magnetic Charging Socket

  7. Recharge Infrared Receiver

  8. Hub motor

  9. 2 Inches Omni-Directional Wheel

Top View

cruzr top numbered
  1. HD Touchscreen

  2. Hi-Res Camera (13 megapixels)

  3. Microphone Array

Bottom View

cruzr bottom numbered
  1. Infrared Sensor

  2. Copper Electrode Strip

  3. Hub Motor

  4. 2 Inches Omni-Directional Wheel

  5. Magnetometer

  6. Infrared Sensor

Charging Dock

Charging Dock Front View

cruzr charging station numbered
  1. LED Indicator Light

  2. Radar Identification Board

  3. Infrared Emitter

  4. HALL Sensor

  5. Electrode Contact

Charging Dock Back View

cruzr charging station back numbered
  1. Magnetic Charging Plug

Setting up the Charging Dock

cruzr charging station cruzr charging station back

  1. Connect the adapter with the charging dock and place it against a wall.

  2. The floor should be smooth and dry. A place where not a lot of people pass by is recommended.

  3. Placing the charging dock in an area with at least 2.5m of space in front and 1.5m of space on each side is recommended, as shown in the figure below.

  4. Avoid having smooth white walls within 3.5m in front of the charging dock.

cruzr cs positioning