General Settings

Tapping the option General in the settings shows the following settings:


Adjusting the volume

Tap the option Adjust volume to display the following popup:


This popup allows the following operations:

  • Slide the handle to the required position to set the new volume-level.

  • Tap outside the popup to apply the new setting for the volume.

Selecting a dataset

Tap the option Select data source to display a list of datasets for the kiosk available on the robot.


Tap on an available dataset to apply it immediately.

To upload new or updated datasets, see the section 'Kiosk Editor' for ZBOS Control.

(1): The color-scheme used by the dataset will be applied immediately. The content of the dataset will only be shown once the main kiosk-screen is shown again.

Selecting a wifi-network

Tapping the option Wifi in the General settings shows the following page:


with the following sections:

(1): The name of the currently connected network will be shown at the top of this section
(2): Only the password for the hotspot can be changed.

List of available wifi-networks

The list of networks uses the following icons:


Connected network


Protected network (1)


Known network, not connected

Non-protected network (open)

(1): Only WPA2-Personal networks are supported at this time.

Tap a network in the list to enter the necessary credentials (1). Once the robot is connecting to the network, the status for the connection will be updated every 10 seconds.

If James won’t connect to a known network, the following sequence could solve this issue:

  • Forget the network

  • Close the wifi-page

  • Open the wifi-page and enter the necessary credentials for the network again.

Current status of the wifi-network

The current status of the network will be shown. The current list of available statuses are:

  • Connected
    James is connected to the wifi-network shown at the top of this section.

  • Disconnected
    James isn’t connected to any wifi-network.

  • Connecting
    James is trying to connect to the network (with the entered credentials).

Settings for the hotspot

Currently, only the password for the hotspot can be changed.

Tap the button Hotspot in the General settings to display the following page:


On this page, the password for the hotspot can be entered using the following sequence:

  1. Tap the password-field to enter a new password for the wifi.

  2. Tap the option 'Show password' to show or hide readable characters.

  3. Tap confirm to apply the new password (1).

(1): This may cause the hotspot to be briefly unavailable.

Tapping outside the popup will close the window without saving the new password.

Refresh the current list

Tap the button Refresh to scan for wifi-networks in range again.

Close the settings

Tap the button Close to return to the settings-page.

Linking a robot to ZBOS Control or Cloud-system

Tap the option Link robot to account to show the connection-page again.

This page needs to be active when linking to the robot using the cloud-platform to link to the robot.

Manage linked accounts

The setting Remote broker in the advanced-settings-page needs to be enabled in order to retrieve the list of connected user-accounts.

Tap the option Managed linked account to display a list of accounts registered on the Cloud-based system that are allowed to use this robot.


Unlinking an account

Tap the remove-button (md close) next to a registered user to disallow the user from accessing the robot.


Tap the option Yes in the confirmation modal to complete the unlinking of the selected account.

If the linked account is still connected, the setting will only be applied the next time the account is logged in.

Return to the settings

Tap the back-button (ios arrow back) to return to the settings.

Robot name

Tap the field 'Robot name' to display a modal asking for the name of the robot:


Enter a new name and tap the option 'Confirm' to apply the new name or tap the icon to discard the changes.

The new name will only be applied in ZBOS Control after re-connecting to the robot.