Viewing the robot

The following operations can be used to modify the view of the robot:

Hide the virtual robot-window when creating or modifying a composition.

Showing or hiding the robot-window

Hiding the virtual robot

Tap the close-button in the top-right corner of the robot-window to minimize the virtual-robot-modal.


This will display the 'Show'-button ( md eye ) in the bottom-right of the modal. See Showing the virtual robot for more information.

Showing the virtual robot

The 'Show'-button will only be shown if the robot is already hidden.

Tap the 'Show'-button in the bottom-right of ZBOS Control to show the virtual robot again in the previous position.


Moving the robot-window

Drag the modal using the title-bar to reposition the modal in ZBOS Control.


Shrinking or enlarging the robot-window

Tap the '+'-button in the title bar to enlarge the robot-window.


Tap the '-'-button in the title bar to shrink the robot-window.


Moving the camera

Point and drag in the modal to change the camera-angle of the robot.

The end-position of the pointer isn’t restricted to the boundaries of the modal.

Zooming in- and out

Pinch the fingers together in the robot-window to zoom in on the current view of the robot.


Spread the fingers away from each other in the robot-window to zoom out on the current view of the robot.


Resetting the camera

Tap the reset-icon in the robot-window to reset the camera back to the original viewpoint.

This will also reset the zoom-level.