After connecting to a virtual robot, the virtual robot is shown in a separate window.

Some time may be required to display the robot in the modal, based on the specifications of the tablet/smartphone and the speed of the internet-connection.

Unsupported operations

The following widgets cannot be used on any virtual robot:

  • Camera

  • Camera Controls

  • Localisation and Mapping

Other operations (i.e. Interactions-modal/Composer-operations/…​) are based on the type of virtual robot. For example: Interactions are only available for Cruzr- and Zora-robots, not for a James-robot.

Using the virtual robot

Not all actions performed by the robot will be performed in exactly the same way as a real robot. Certain operations may take longer to execute on a real robot.

Like controlling a real robot, the virtual robot can be operated using the normal operations of ZBOS Control.

For example: To make Zora perform a dance, you can tap on a dance in the interaction-list, Compositions can be created and executed using the same type of operations supported by the real robot, …​