URL options

Adding parameters

To change some of the ways the simulator can be displayed, you can add parameters to the URL.
example ( /simulator/robot?screenOrientation=left )

You can also add multiple parameters by using the & symbol.
example ( /simulator/robot?screenOrientation=left&hideZBOS=true )

Define the camera type

The URL parameter cameraType can take the following values:

  • first_person

fpv camera
  • top_down

topdown camera
  • default camera

default camera

Screen Orientation

Changing the screen orientation can be achieved by adding the following parameter to the URL.

Parameter: screenOrientation

Available options: left, right, up and down

example ( /simulator/robot?screenOrientation=left )

simulator url parameters

Hide Navigation Bar

Add the hideNavBar and set it to true to remove the login and account information from the view.

Parameter: hideNavBar=true

navigation bar

Hide General UI

To remove the menu options ( refresh and settings buttons ) from the view add the following to the URL.

Parameter: hideGeneralUI=true

refresh settings