Linking robot to cloud-account

The following steps are needed to connect to the virtual robot:

This feature requires ZBOS Control v1.2.0 - v2.0.0

Adding a virtual robot

Only one virtual robot can be linked per cloud-account.

Tap the option 'Link robot' in the connection page to open the link robot page:

tap title link robot

Select the option 'Virtual Zora' in the link robot page and tap the button 'Next' to continue:

link virtual robot

If necessary, log in to the cloud-account to register the robot to:

login page

Once you are succesfully logged in, a page will be shown asking to enter the information required for the ZoraBots support team to link the (new) virtual robot to the account.

request form

Enter all the required information in the request form and follow up with the support team to register a new virtual robot to the account.

Connecting to the virtual robot

A virtual robot needs to have been registered to the account.

Once a robot has been registered to the account, simply tap the robot in the 'Virtual' category to connect to it:

tap virtual robot
This modal will be shown every time the app is started or if the user logs in.