Select the robot

This modal will be shown every time the app is launched or after logging in or out of the ZBOS Cloud platform.
robot connection modal

Tap the robot to connect to in the modal.

The fields for the cloud-registered and virtual robots will be blank if the user isn’t logged in.
robot connection modal details

All currently known robots will be displayed with their corresponding icons.

Cloud tab

  • If the user is an administrator, an additional md edit icon will be shown where the rights of the other registered users can be altered.

  • If the user isn’t an administrator, only the trash icon will be shown.

  • The currently connected robot will be shown with an connection green icon.

Virtual category

  • All registered robots are shown with the registration-number VR-.


  • The list of locally connected robots is shown.

The list of local robots will only be updated if the connection succeeds.