Linking robot using local WiFi

ZBOS Control can connect to a robot using a local WiFi-network. The device running ZBOS Control needs to be connected to the same wireless network as the robot. This can either be a local WiFi network or the WiFi hotspot provided by the robot itself (this feature is not available on every robot).

  • The WiFi must be encrypted with WPA2-Personal encryption.

  • Hotspot isn’t supported on all robots.

Tap the option 'Local connection' in the linking setup to connect to the robot without logging into the ZBOS Cloud platform.

tap local connection

Tap the option 'No' to connect the robot to the local wifi.

tap wifi no

A modal will be shown asking for the location information when opening the modal for the first time.

permission location

Grant the permission to allow ZBOS Control to scan for nearby wifi networks or enter the wifi network information manually.

wifi connection modal
  1. Tap the name of the network (next to the icon md arrow dropdown ) to display a wifi list or tap the icon freeicons lotus edit to enter the network information manually

  2. Enter the password for the wifi network

  3. Follow the listed instructions to connect the robot to the entered network

  4. Tap the QR code icon once all the network and password have been entered correctly to display the generated QR code in full screen

  5. Tap the icon download to download the configuration file to the tablet/app (additional permission may be needed for storage access)

Connecting Control to Robot

Once the robot has been connected to the network, ZBOS Control can be linked to the robot.

tap wifi yes

This will initiate a scan of the wifi network for the selected type of robot

wifi scan robot found
  1. A list with all robots are shown

  2. A manual input field will be shown to enter the network address will be shown, in the event the network scan doesn’t work (i.e. the router doesn’t allow it).

  3. A button to continue with the linking process is shown

  1. The robot and tablet must be connected to the same wifi network.

  2. If the type 'Other' has been selected, all ZBOS robots will be shown. Otherwise, only the robots of the selected type will be shown.

Select the robot or enter the IP address to enable the 'Next' button.

wifi connection robot selected

Tap the 'Next' button to continue with the setup.